become a PRMP MODEL

Become a PRMP Model to participate in our PRMP Standards & Assurance Program & you'll get deeply discounted services for your time. Model calls for Precision Brow Shaping, Body Waxing & Lash Lifts are announced on our instagram page, so make sure to follow & "like" us!

how it works

What  to expect during our training sessions: 

  • As a model, you have the opportunity to participate in two types of sessions:

    • Training Sessions: treatments are performed by new Face & Body Specialists who are going through their initial 100+ hours of training. These sessions are supervised by members of our Standards & Assurance Team.

    • Standards & Assurance sessions: treatments are performed by seasoned specialists as part of our continuing education program as well as part of our periodic check-ins to ensure that our PRMP Standards are upheld.

  • Training sessions take place on Wednesdays only

  • Model services do require a modest model fee which will be discussed when securing your appointment

  • While all services received by models are heavily discounted, gratuity is not mandatory but is certainly appreciated.

  • For brow services, model must have at least 4-6 weeks of growth. For waxing services, model must have at least 3 weeks of growth post shaving or chemical hair removal (like Nair) and 4-6 weeks post waxing.

  • Please remember that these sessions are also educational sessions, so they often take longer (in some cases, much longer) than the standard appointment times you're accustomed to at PRMP, which can also result in long wait times.

  • Model sessions have limited availability & do require advanced reservation. Be sure to check our social media posts for upcoming opportunities.

  • All participants are treated with respect. Since everyone is super friendly you should feel totally comfortable during the treatment.

  • All training for body waxing treatments will be performed in a private room.

  • After the treatment you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will take no longer than 5 minutes. please answer as truthfully & thoroughly as possible; we highly value your feedback. Your response will always help us get one step closer to perfection!