We promise to honor your safety by practicing universal sanitation, including a no-nonsense “No Double-Dipping” Policy, your time with a “No Double-Booking” Policy and your personal space with a “Care-Free/Kid Free” Policy.  

No Double-Dipping

Here at PRMP, we use sanitary equipment & enforce the strict No Double-Dipping Policy, which means that the same spatula will NEVER be re-dipped into the vat of wax.

The scary truth is that double-dipping is common practice in wax application. This method uses the same spatula for the entire treatment, re-dipping the used applicator back into the wax. This contaminated wax is then reused for treatments on other individuals. This technique can increase the chances of potentially harmful bacteria spreading from one client to another, but is not tolerated here at PRMP.

No Double-Booking

The days of spending the entire day in the salon are over.  Your time is just as important to us as it is to you.  At PRMP, we have implemented a “No-Double Booking” Policy which ensures that our guests receive professional service in a reasonable time.  For the courtesy and respect of our guests’ time, our salon assistants help to ensure that things run smoothly.  Rest assured, that at PRMP, once you book an appointment, your appointment time is reserved specifically for you.  

Care-Free & Kid-Free

We want you to enjoy a care-free experience while you visit PRMP.  Due to safety considerations, limited seating and the comfort of our guests, children under 12 are not allowed at PRMP.